DoingCoolStuff is a collection of brand, motion and digital product studios curated by Jamie Samman and various other peeps.

how did this site start

It’s always hard to know which studios are doing cool stuff. There’s the massive consultancies, the famous big name agencies that have been around for decades and then loads of smaller, up and coming companies.

There’s a lot to search through.

A bunch of us (all designers) had seen a tonne of these studios making awesome things. So we set up a Google doc that became a dumping ground for website links to dope design studios.

Turns out a massive document of URLs isn’t that easy to use. And so this website was born.

I want my studio on the site

Sweet. If you want your studio added to this list, please feel free to reach out and we’ll take a look.

i don’t want my studio on the site

If your studio is featured and you wouldn’t like it to be, also reach out and we’ll remove it. No sweat.

omg what font is that

The fonts on this site are Neue Montreal from PangramPangram and Outward from Velvetyne. Big up to both.